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X12MФ P6M5

High speed steel ("Bystrorez") - high-alloyed tool steel (5,5-19% W, as well as Cr, V, Mo, C, sometimes), designed for the manufacture of cutting tools. High speed steel has high red hardness or thermal stability (600 - 700 ° C) in the presence of high ...

Special steel for the order

Metex Invest company delivers custom tool for businesses, and alloyed structural steels: Followed ø 10-55 g / k, steel grade X12 H12MF, H12F1, 6HV2S, 4H5MFS, 5HNM, H6VF, 3H2V8F, 18H2N4MA, 12HN3A, 20-40X13, 95X18, etc. Followed ø 55-800 forged s...

Х12МФ staining immovable steel 95Х18

Поступление на склад инструментальная штамповая сталь Х12МФ и коррозионно-стойкая сталь 95Х18. Наименование кол-во тонн Круг Х12МФ ø70 1,142 Круг Х12МФ ø130 1,304 Круг Х12МФ ø140 2,04 Круг Х12МФ ø160 2,39 ...
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